Prometeus Coordinator, Beatrice Vallone, elected EMBO Member

Beatrice Vallone (Vallone Lab) has been elected member of the EMBO, the international organization of over 1800 leading researchers that promotes excellence in life sciences in Europe and beyond.

This acknowledgement is shared with the whole group, witnessing our effort contribute to the field of molecular biology through research in the field of structure-function relationship of macromolecules.

The main objectives of EMBO are to support talented researchers at all stages of their career and to stimulate the exchange of scientific information, we will do our best to participate to this mission and to keep up with the good work in research.

EMBO programs and activities are funded by the European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC). EMBC, founded in 1969, is an intergovernmental organization comprising 30 Member States. EMBO and EMBC also collaborate with countries and organizations outside Europe to encourage interactions with scientific communities elsewhere.