Prometeus was present @ ITQB Nova open day

On October 26, Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – ITQB NOVA, opened its doors for a day full of activities for all ages. In the International Year of the Periodic Table, the researchers challenge the public to “join the elements” and find out how the chemical elements are present in our daily lives.

Many students and more senior researchers from the Macromolecular Crystallography Unit were involved in various activities.

Visits were organized to the X-ray diffractometer room, where “magic” happens upon incidence of X-rays on protein crystals, images with many spots appear, the raw material for Crystallographers to further characterize the 3D structure of proteins. People could to see beautiful protein crystals with different shapes and colors under the microscope, play with atomic models, understand more about the chemical elements and on-going projects at the institute.

Everyone had the opportunity to interact with scientists and ask all the questions they wanted. Margarida Archer and her husband wore the yellow t-shirt as ITQB researchers and as parents they joined their youngest daughter to explore different activities during this day.