Seminar on the structure of the Ryanodine Receptor
by Amédée des Georges from ASRC-CUNY

Tuesday, February 19 at 10.00, in the Unitelma Lecture Hall, Prof. Amédée des Georges, leader of the CUNY group participating to the Prometeus Consortium, delivered a seminar on the results of his work on the structure of the receptor of rianodine, one of the main actors of muscle contraction.

Mutations in this protein cause malignant hypethermia, a disease that manifests itself only during surgical interventions as a reaction to drugs used for general anesthesia.

The structure of the ranodine 1 receptor, determined by the methodology of single-particle electron microscopy, has clarified its mechanism of function and the localization of mutations.

Amédée des Georges, from the Advanced Science Research Center of the City University of New York, is one of the Authors of this study, published in “Nature” in 2015.

Professor des Georges presented the new developments of this research, aimed at clarifying the dynamics and mechanism of the ryanodine receptor by advanced Cryo-electron microscopy.