Collegues cheer Gabriele Cerutti the first Prometeus secondee

Gabriele Cerutti, PhD student in the Vallone’s group at Sapienza University, is greeted by colleagues with the last Roman espresso for the next six months that he will spend seconded at COMPPÅ in New York City.

Two days after, he is already at work learning how to prepare Cryo-EM grids of membrane proteins. Gabriele will work on the structure of members of the steroid alpha-reductase family, learning how to express, purify and reconstitute eukaryotic membrane proteins.

The ultimate goal of is obtaining the structure of at least one of these elusive enzymes. This information will pave the way to design more specific and effective drugs to cure prostatic pathologies and, incidentally, also male baldeness in the further steps of the Prometeus RISE Project.

We wish him a productive and pleasent staying in Manhattan!